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About Us

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About Us

Slovak Chamber of Civil Engineers is a self-governing professional organization established by the Act of the Slovak National Council No. 138/1992 Coll. on Chartered Architects and Chartered Civil Engineers as amended by subsequent regulations.


Historical Background

In 1913, the Chamber of Civil and Mining Engineers was established by the law in cooperation with other organizations of the Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy. After the establishment of the independent Czechoslovak Republic, the Engineering Chamber of Czechoslovakia was founded by law on 13th March 1920. The Civil Engineering Chamber was dissolved in 1951. After 41 years, the Slovak Chamber of Civil Engineers has been renewed by the above mentioned Act in 1992.


Main Responsibilities

Main responsibilities of our Chamber include:

  • participation on the protection of public interest in the sphere of design and construction and protection of the rights of the individual members of our Chamber;
  • supporting the international exchange of members and contributing to the development of the construction industry;
  • safeguarding international exchange of professional knowledge with scientific institutions;
  • defending and supporting the rights and professional interests of Members and supporting the professional credit between Engineers;
  • ensuring that Civil Engineers perform their profession in a professional way, in compliances with the ethics in a manner established by Slovak and EU legal regulations as well as regulations of the Chamber.


Membership and Authorization

Our member basis consists of Chartered Civil Engineers, voluntary members, including both natural and legal persons.

In accordance with the Slovak law the Chamber issues the Authorization Certificates for Chartered Civil Engineers, based on which allows them to carry out complex architectural and civil engineering services and related technical advisory, including professional activities in the area of design, construction and civil engineering. This means consultancy design, structural design as well as technical, technological and energetic equipping of buildings and civil engineersing works. Furthermore, Chartered Engineers may provide technical and economic advisory services, expert’s opinions, and professional author’s supervision of building in accordance with the design documentation. The certificates are issued after passing the examination in front of the Board of Examiners of our Chamber.

List of Chartered Civil Engineers  

The Chamber educates also Construction Managers and Construction Supervisors and organizes the exams that aloows them to carry out their professional activities.

The bodies of the Slovak Chamber of Civil Engineers include General Assembly, Executive Board, Supervisory Board and the President. Other elected bodies include Authorization Commission, Ethical Council and Disciplinary Board.

The Seat of the Chamber is in Bratislava. Regional offices of the Chamber are in Bratislava, Trnava, Žilina, Banská Bystrica and Košice, and there is administration office in Trenčín. 


Cooperation with Other Organizations

The Chamber cooperates with many organizations, syndicates and associations in the area of building and construction industry. The cooperation with civil engineering faculties of technical universities in Slovakia is based on mutual agreements. The Chamber cooperates with the Slovak ministries and other state administration bodies, especially in the area of the creation of legal regulations in  the construction sector. The Chamber initiates organizing professional events, mainly in the area of lifelong education for its members. It financially supports the publishing of the professional literature. Chamber itself is a publisher of the newsletter for Chartered Civil Engineers “Inžinierske informácie” (“Engineering Information”) and the magazine “Projekt-Stavba” (“Design-Construction“).

The Chamber actively cooperates with foreign civil engineering chambers and associations and has signed cooperation agreements with the Czech, Hungarian, Bavarian, and other European Chambers. The Slovak Chamber of Civil Engineers is a signatory member of the European Council of Engineering Chambers (ECEC) and a member of the European Council of Civil Engineers (ECCE).

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